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The welcome bonus is a well-known reward among online casino game players. This type of bonus is planned to be offered to new players as a welcome gift to take an interest in online casino games. Your next step after receiving the welcome bonus is to make your first deposit with an online casino. Then, you will receive an additional credit percentage with at least 100%, so you can double the amount of deposited cash in your account. Also, some online casino site offers welcome bonuses of up to 150% or 200%.

Welcome bonus is one of the most famous promotions for new players and also an important part of the online casino games. An interesting thing to know about this new welcome bonus is that you will have the same credit amount as your first deposit. This bonus offers new players up to 100% credits on your first deposit.

However, new welcome bonuses may come as Free Spin in a new players’ first deposits. These Free spin bonuses can be used for slot games. Other welcome bonuses are offered to players when making deposits for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th deposits. This is for the new players after having a successful registration. For example, deposit 100 baht and get free bonus 200-baht, free non-deposit bonus or maybe a free spin. In order for the new players used to place bets in the game and have a chance to win the game and more chances to win prizes.

Another online casino game offers for new players in the free play bonus. This comes in the form of credits for new players to play for free with such a period of time. Before you claim the welcome bonus, you will need to be sure whether it’s cash and what your betting needs are like.


At the point when you register online with your online casino site, you will have the option to access the list of bonuses and promotions. Here is a rundown of the most well-known and generally used welcome bonus by casino players.

Deposit Bonus

This type of welcome bonus is the most common bonus you will find in almost all online casino sites. The majority of the sites, need to deposit money to avail of the bonus program. Either you deposit $10 or $100, it’s all up to you.  But, take note that the higher deposit money will make you qualified for a higher bonus amount. The bonus rate always varies from one casino to another.

For example, there is an online casino site that includes a fifty percent cash bonus while the other two online casinos are offering 100% and 150% bonuses. Before jumping into the conclusion, you need first to read the terms and conditions and also go through wagering requirements. So, you can avoid any problem in the future.

Staggered Cash Match Bonus

This type of welcome bonus is a special bonus offer where you get a higher percentage match after you deposit money in your online casino game account. Like for example, you deposit $70, and you get a match bonus of 30%, and when you deposit $150, you get a match bonus of 60%. Sometimes, you will run over online casinos that offer a staggered cash match bonus where you can have more incentives after having your consecutive deposit in your game account.

Make your own Bonus

Aside from the bonus plans stated above, this is another profitable bonus bundle you should look at. Here, the bonus amount won’t rely on your first deposit. You have to meet the minimum deposit amount to avail this bonus for a time-framed period. You need to use the time frame allotted for you to use the best on your bonus. From that period, whatever cash you can win will be your welcome reward. Regardless of whether you don’t win, the online casinos site generous enough to give you consolation. So, it is eventually a win-win situation to you, and it has become popular of late.


For the new casino game player, after the online casino approved your account you enjoy using your welcome bonus. To use the welcome bonus, you will have to bet the bonus amount for at least 20 times or even 50 times. Every time you search for a list of online casinos site, you will be able to find the number of times you can place a bonus bet. This method will clearly understand this special welcome bonus. However, before you use the welcome bonus to new players. You must first familiarize yourself with every terms and conditions. Here’s the list of recommendations on how to use your bonus.

  • Check the betting requirements and choose to bet in the casino with the lowest bet possible.
  • Open as many online casino accounts as you can. And you will receive a welcome bonus for new players that come with deposits.
  • When you make your first deposit You must be sure that you will receive a bonus of up to 100% and you should deposit the first deposit equal to the amount of the bonus you received. Because if you only deposit one half of the maximum bonus You will only receive half of the bonus. Therefore, making a full 100% deposit equal to the maximum bonus Will make it more worthwhile.

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