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Baccarat is one of the most established and most well-known in casino games. It means zero and one of the oldest card games that’s origin from Italy. Introduced by a gambler named Falguiere in the Middle Ages.

Online baccarat games are very popular in Thailand. Around the world there are many online casino players choose to play online baccarat card games.

Baccarat card game has the same gameplay such as playing poker. It can be played with at least 2 players, and up to 2 cards with no more than 3 cards and currently can play in online casinos. In Thailand, it is also a very popular that players play since it is a game that is easy to understand and fun to play.


Throughout the years, different kinds of baccarat have occurred in countries. Their guidelines tend to be similar, yet there are a few differences as well.

  1. Punto Banco Baccarat- one of the most common forms of casino games in the United States, Canada, and Australia. This casino game can still be found in many online forms.
  2. Chemin De Fer Baccarat-this casino game can be played in Europe. This game is different in many American baccarat cards. The most obvious difference is that the players make all the arrangements and the dealer will revolve around the table.
  3. Baccarat Card Baccarat en Banque-another casino card game in Europe, that is played with 3 cards. Being a dealer can be someone who is willing the most and ready.
  4. Baccarat, super 9- the common game in the United States. Will use 36 limited cards to play and will only use face cards A, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
  5. Three Card Baccarat-Is the most popular game in casinos in Asia. By playing 3 cards, both the player and the dealer will play 3 cards each as well.


Four door stab formula

It is one of the more popular methods of gamblers and online gamblers. The four-door betting formula is a double player, double banker, tie, player, or banker. It is a very risky method of losing money and also having the opportunity to win money.

Formula 2 Dragon Formula and Table Tennis

Dragon formula (that is, adjoining designs such as red, red, red or blue, blue, blue), the table tennis formula (alternating red, blue, alternating) is a way of playing online gambling and gamblers like to bet. It is an easy way to play but you must be brave and be patient to bet on the Dragon formula. Repeat the same and bet of thousands of ping-pong will be the predictions of the bounced bets. Before placing, players should analyze the possibility of betting on that game.

Formula 3 Betting Form

It is one of the more popular methods of gamblers and online gamblers as well. If the player bets the first time 500 baht and lose 500 baht. The next eye is 1,000 baht, if you lose again, the next eye is 2,000 baht.


online baccarat game

  • Is to play according to the strategy of hunting the dragon only (That is, adjoining designs such as red, red, red or blue, blue, blue) regardless of how the card results. It might be wrong or correct, it must not be distracting wrong and then have to wait
  • If the result of the cards does not conform to the 2-4 Dragon Hunting strategy. Wait and see or move the table.
  • No card game follows the formula. If the formula is wrong, the table must be moved.
  • Must have high awareness and patience.
  • If the target amount has been reached, stop immediately.




  • Knowing how to have self-control and not to be greedy. Put a limit on how much money to play and stop. So, you cannot have trouble with your finances.
  • Should have self-discipline and obey the rules.
  • Know yourself, know which game you’re good at.
  • Learn the rules for playing various casino games.
  • Focus on the gambling game. You must know for yourself what kind of game you are good at and do your best. Also, look for another backup game and take time to study the game to be the best.

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